About Us

Don Murphy, Owner

I’m Don Murphy, owner/operator of Northfork Ecological Services.

My company was born as a byproduct of what I want & need to do on the farm. We have a major Bush Honeysuckle infestation around the field edges and in the woods. Plus, the woods need timber stand improvement to remove cull trees, thin out the canopy and remove the sugar maples to preserve the hardwood forest.

I have been acquiring equipment for several years to be able to perform this work. Now that I have the equipment, I will continue to improve the farm woodlands for deer, turkey and quail. This will be a ongoing project, including thinning out the cedar stands and introducing loblolly pine among the Cedars. I have also ordered persimmon & wild plum to plant on the farm.

Talking to the MDC Private Land Conservationist, we have also identified a need for identification and removal of nuisance water plants in ponds and small lakes, which I have dealt with in our small pond.